Burdock Breakthrough Sessions for Sacred Rebels

I know what a Badass Business Woman you are AND how hard you are working! I love witnessing your courage and willingness to claim your power as you go for your dreams.

I also know that when it comes to being an entrepreneur sometimes stuff just comes up. Then when you add ancestral legacies of limitation and suffering or karmic patterns that go beyond this life… boy howdy can this shit get tenacious!

Sure willpower, deliberate action and even white knuckling can help to force a shift, but the amount of drag, resistance and sheer effort it takes simply SUCKS. Sometimes the truth is that you just can’t read the label from the inside of the jar so what may feel like a massive hurdle to you can often be addressed and released much more easily and gracefully than you might even imagine.

Diving in and digging deep is my JAM! There is nothing more amazing and awesome than having a chance to watch a sister who has been struggling really shift and find lasting relief.

SO I am offering private Burdock Breakthrough Sessions at a special price just for women I know from Britt’s Tribe. We will explore and dig out  DEEP Roots that keep you paralyzed with fear, spinning your wheels and suffocating your desires and plans. By recognizing and releasing the blocks, triggers and limiting stories you can eliminate the needless drag and resistance that keeps you from taking action so you can move forward with enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose and power.

The earth really needs you and your gifts RIGHT NOW!  We can no longer afford the luxury of playing small and hiding from our destiny while the fate of our precious Earth hangs in the balance.

You can use time with me to…

Release and Heal challenging events from the past

Identify and Shift debilitating beliefs and outdated contracts

Explore and Honor the messages your body expresses through pain and chronic conditions

Address and Transform Ancestral and Karmic patterns that are informing your current experience and stopping you from moving forward

Break the habits which no longer serve you and find relief from the cravings and behaviors that make you feel like crap.

Upon receipt of payment I will send you an email with my initial prep form and calendar link to schedule your time with me. FYI I generally have times available on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Afternoons and Evenings.

Please Note by submitting payment you agree to my payment & cancelation policies and disclaimer