IMG_7877I am blessed to work with many amazing people. It is such a privilege to behold the shifts and discoveries that this commitment to personal transformation creates. Here are some things that people are saying about working with me…

  • Jennifer can relate to what a client is going through and provides support in that. She provides the space for a client to express themselves. Her intuitive skills are very high and her spiritual side is her greatest gift to share
  • Jennifer offers her startlingly accurate intuition, gentleness, clarity, human understanding & warmth.
  • She shares compassion/intuition/non-judgementalism
  • Jennifer’s connection with Spirit empowers others to connect as well.
  • Jennifer offers her belief in greater possibilities — no limitations!
  • Jennifer brings her mastery and connection to create a safe space to be vulnerable and heal.
  • Jennifer knows the right questions to ask to pull things out.
  • Jen is profoundly intuitive, gifted in healing, and really knows how to HEAR and UNDERSTAND what someone is saying to her. She radiates love.
  • Jennifer brings loving wisdom to a situation and shares her experience and willingness to go out there and be the one to try it first.
  • Jennifer senses/feels/intuits things that are hidden and lovingly brings these things to light in a way that helps me to grow.
  • Jennifer listens without judgement and holds a loving space for transformation.

Britt BolnickJennifer is able to hear me clearly and REALLY listens for the pieces UNDER what I am actually saying. She is incredible at encapsulating what I’m blurting out and somehow she boils it down to it’s deepest essence. This makes it possible for us to work with the actual ROOT of the issue- not just the symptoms. Jen is an incredibly empathetic listener, and I always feel so safe, heard, and seen by her. When I bring an issue to Jen, often I have been struggling with it in some form or another for YEARS. In the blink of an eye, she helps dig the bulb of it up, understand where it’s coming from and what is actually happening, and gently release HUGE chunks (sometimes all) of it. It’s incredible- I’m able to move forward post-session without drag or resistance. SUCH a gift. 

There are always at least two ways to do things: struggling through crap and with difficulty, or asking for and receiving support, empathy, and tools to blast through without resistance. In working with Jen, I choose the latter. Thank you. 

— Britt Bolnick, from In Arms Coaching

209654_1830255070589_8383219_oI was looking to really shift and dissolve some longstanding lingering issues. Something needed to give, and I was exhausted from holding on to all that baggage.

Since working with Jen, I have experienced a much calmer mind, significantly less panic and less strong negative emotional reactions. I am more open to expressing my needs and communicating clearly about what is good for me. I feel comfortable having these discussions now. Talking through past experiences was immensely helpful. Stating firmly and clearly that I no longer needed to carry this burden was a breakthrough for me. The memories remain but without the charge and power they formerly possessed.
I have noticed a great willingness to really pick apart my blocks, and an increased motivation to work through them to release them and clear the way for the Work I am meant to do in this lifetime. I am noticing when I am unhappy and am extremely motivated to make the needed changes to resolve that. I am also noticing that I complain much less. It is hard to complain about things day after day and NOT be motivated to fix them. The blocks that kept me from the fixing portion of the show are being systematically removed through the use of EFT and the gifts Jen brings to the table with it.
Jen is patient and kind. She understands humor is an important part of any recovery and is not afraid to introduce it into sessions to help diffuse the intensity of the issue being worked through. I feel that my confidences are kept and honored. She is able to tell a person so much about themselves in just a three minute meeting, creating a space of safety and comfort. She is here to help and you feel that every moment you spend with her.

— Charon Henning from Odd Angel Studios

Barbara E Belmont

It is a gift to work with Jennifer Moore! Jennifer is a non-judgmental, compassionate and intuitive EFT practitioner. I have worked with Jennifer on a variety of issues but recently she helped me clear some stubborn beliefs about abundance that I have held on to since childhood. The foremost quality of Jennifer’s Style is that she acknowledges her client! I can say anything to Jennifer and she accepts it and honors your feelings. This clearly shows that she is listening and from that, designs her tapping straight to the biggest core issue. She listened to me and acknowledged some very painful feelings for me. That helped me move though some resistance to changing my deep seated beliefs about a belief that “there wasn’t enough to go around.” The end result is that my financial life has improved significantly and I can see opportunity everywhere. Thank you, Jennifer!

— Barbara E. Belmont, from Belmont Coaching and Consulting Services

25415_1406135150918_730793_nI asked Jennifer if she would help me make the process of writing easier and more fun. Jen listened to how I experienced my process and was able to hear and articulate what was holding me back and how she could help me move past it.

After our session my anxiety and sense of unease had gone away. I felt clearer and more energized.

Later, I was finally able to complete my short story and submit it to the anthology compiler ahead of schedule! Our work together made the journey of writing easier and much more fun.

Thank you Jen!

— Gillian Windsor CPCC, PCC, BCC from The Ascendant Woman