I am so delighted to offer this tool for Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching’s Inner Tools Toolkit. While there have been many techniques and tools I have used with success over the years this tool is the ONE that yields the swift and effective results for nearly anything I am dealing with. I have used this tool to resolve a broad range of issues. I’ve used it to shift my Fear of New People and move my inner 9 year old out of the driver’s seat. I’ve used it to release the inner mean girl triggers that were affecting my comfort and safety networking and connecting with other amazing women. I’ve used it to breakthrough money ceilings (more than once) to recognize my worth and feel comfortable charging for the value of what I offer.

Here is a Tap-Along Video that you can use for more calmness and focus when you are preparing for anything that you might need to feel more relaxed and grounded going into.

The Basic Tapping Recipe below is linked to a PDF for downloading.

fearoftheirresistanceI created a special longer BONUS video specifically for getting ready to go into a strategy session or sales conversation. Sign up below to access the link. AND please watch your inbox for the confirmation email so you can opt-in to receive the video URL.

BTW I’d love to hear about your experience with tapping and to respond to any thoughts or questions that came up for you around it. Please share with me here.


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