We must plant seeds of intent to manifest our goals and desires in the world. Without clarity and precision we are far more inclined to simply experience life presenting random and/or subconsciously generated outcomes. As you become increasingly clear about what you really want and then start directing your focus and mind towards it, you will be able to recognize the actions and opportunities that will lead you to it and you will know when your goal actually comes to be.

Optimal Day Mediation and Vision Board

The first part of this process is to listen and work through the Optimal Day Questions Worksheet. This is an exercise designed to create a sense of possibility and to give you a chance to image a life exactly the way you would like it to be. Please know that there is no wrong way to do this and whether you find this fun and easy to do or you notice places where some resistance or doubt comes up this is just perfect. If you do notice any contrary feelings or limiting beliefs or ideas coming up, please be sure to write this down and make note of it, because this stuff is GOLD when it comes to moving beyond our limitations and creating a life that makes us truly and sincerely happy.

Optimal Day Mediation

After you have completed the mediation and worksheet, then go to the instructional audio for creating your vision board. As I mention on the audio you can choose to do this either with real paper, scissors and adhesive or you can make your vision board digitally. Below are examples of both kinds of vision boards. Note that some vision boards will be specifically geared towards one goal or area of life, whereas others can be about the big picture. For the purpose of this program and exercise you will be creating a BIG PICTURE vision board that represents all the important aspects of your ideal life.

Vision Board Instruction

Old School Vision Board

Old School Vision Board using stickers, printed images, and scrapbook paper on foam core with scissors and a glue stick.


New School Fancy Schmancy Digital Vision Board created in Photoshop (then printed on nice paper through Zazzle and framed)


Simpler New School Digital Vision Board using photos and a photo collage app. I created clusters for each of the 4 quarters and then put them all together into one big image.