I want to acknowledge your courageous choice to reach out and share some of your story with me. You have just taken a significant step towards harnessing your empathic abilities. I feel so hopeful to hear from you because I sincerely believe that when we understand who and what we are as empathic women we can learn to shift from overwhelm and psychic overload and become part of the vital solution our world so desperately needs right now.

I have no doubt you recognize that as a sensitive there are many different aspects of life that are affected by our acute receptivity and extreme awareness of the thoughts, feelings and energy of the world around us. I created this Empathic Resource Guide to serve as a helpful collection of tools and information which will hopefully offer some new sources of support for you.

Once I have had a chance to review your application I will be in touch in the next few days with suggestions for next steps AND if it seems like we will be a good fit, I’ll include a link to schedule a complimentary Empathic Evaluation Assessment with me.