jenaametA number of years ago I learned about a technique called EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping. Periodically, I would pull it out of my bag of tricks and try it for whatever stress was affecting me at the time. However, even though I thought it had significant merit I didn’t practice it consistently. At some point a few years ago now, I became inspired to explore EFT further and I discovered that a newly streamlined tutorial made even more sense to me than it had before. Then, during a December ice storm , I discovered just how effective EFT can be.

My husband and I were driving North and by the time we were still about 1.5 hours south of our destination we were in about 2-3″ of accumulated sleety slush with a rapidly freezing road beneath us. With my history of some serious car accidents and subsequent PTSD as both passenger and driver I was really agitated & afraid. I asked my husband if he minded if I tried EFT to reduce my stress. Before my first round I was experiencing around an 8-9 level of stress & fear on a scale of 0-10. After the first round I felt significantly more relaxed and my anxiety was about a 5. After my second round I was hovering around a calm 3. I noticed that while I was still acutely aware how much the roads sucked, I felt relaxed and accepting about the drive anyway. A few more rounds and I was completely serene and I could rate my previously HIGH fear and anxiety at a solid 0!

I was so thrilled and amazed at how effectively I had cleared my own distress with only a few rounds of tapping that soon after I started to share what I had discovered with some of my clients and friends. As a healing technique EFT feels incredibly organic to me, so it seemed like a very natural progression to incorporate it into the tattoo medicine-work I already did.

After that eventful ride home, I started exploring all kinds of different EFT/Tapping resources on the web and spending my spare moments learning as much as I could about this remarkable healing modality. Indeed I was so inspired that I attended an EFT level 1&2 training with Master Trainer Ingrid Dinter and then continued on to become a certified EFT practitioner through the international organization AAMET. After working facilitating sessions for a few years I returned to study Level 3 Art of Delivery with Ingrid and then again with the incredible Master Teacher Trainer Jade Barbee. As of early December 2015 I completed all the requirements to become an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

If the idea of working with me to address challenges and increase your financial and emotional wellbeing  appeals to you, then please call me at 207-956-0EFT (0338) or email jen(AT) and take this powerful step towards creating the life you’d really love to live.