img_9385I approach Intuitive Guidance Sessions as a conversation between you, me and the Divine. People have often asked me how information comes to me and what it is like. I think the most effective way to explain it is that I can have memories, thoughts and feelings about events or issues that are not from my own personal experience. I experienced my first prophetic dream when I was 9 on the night that my first childhood friend’s mother died. I learned the following day what had happened, and as soon as I learned of her death I wholeheartedly knew that the vivid dream of my own mother dying was no coincidence.

Intuition is a curious thing. I find that information comes to me in different forms often depending on who or where it comes from. Sometimes it is a feeling, an emotion or a thought. Sometimes it is like a very clear visual image or memory. Sometimes it comes as words or phrases or even as a conversation. Sometimes it is rather specific and concrete, while other times it makes little sense to me, so I see it as my job to simply throw it out there and see if it makes sense to you.

In my early years working as a Tarot Reader and Psychic I spent many hours reading at festivals, psychic fairs and special events as the “entertainment” I was once told “You’re SPOOKY! Take that as a compliment.” and I was often asked how I could know such things about the person I was reading for. I have had the privilege to behold the lives of countless people over the years and a chance to watch my dear ongoing clients grow and flourish.  I will also note that like most psychics I have experienced my share of skeptics and people who’d unfortunately rather use their money to prove that intuition is a bunch of hooey than to be open to the possibility a session might reveal some valuable information. At this stage of the game, I strongly feel that life is way too important, precious and brief to waste even a moment doing parlor tricks to impress someone or prove that I have psychic abilities. If someone doesn’t feel comfortable with me or feel confident that I have something that can help them and their life, I say let them go elsewhere, don’t waste our time with contention or closed-mindedness. While I am a skilled intuitive, I am not a “mind reader” for a defensive blank slate. I can help you way more effectively when you come to me with an open mind, an open heart and lay your cards on the table. My job is to help you sort it all out and figure out how you want to proceed from here, IMHO that is a tall enough order unto itself.

My primary goal when I work with anyone is to help you to find clarity & deeper understanding around issues and areas of your life where you are seeking direction, answers and integration. I sincerely believe that even if certain future outcomes are more likely than others, there is no inevitable destiny. Therefore I offer guidance and feedback to support you in making choices that will help you to create a life you want to live. If you were to ask me “How many children will I have?” I would ask you: “How many children do you want to have?” Because while fertility issues may affect your outcome, the decision whether you want kids or not and your decision to use (or not use) contraceptives is going to have significantly more influence on your future than some crystal ball, Tarot deck, or other divination method that tells you there are 3 children in your future. I do not believe that any psychic medium, intuitive or fortune teller has the ability to definitively predict the future because our free will affects the outcome of each new moment as it unfolds. In many ways intuition can be similar to watching weather patterns and anticipating the direction it is going to take. Any number of factors might occur that changes a trajectory and I believe this is just as true for our destinies as it is for the climate.

I use intuitive guidance as a component of all the services I provide.  An intuitive conversation gets the ball rolling and as an issue reveals itself to be addressed and cleared, we have many elegant tools to move gracefully beyond patterns and emotions that may still be stuck from years before.