Fairy Godmother in Training Granting Wishes since 1966

Fairy Godmother in Training Granting Wishes since 1966

Ever since I was a young child I have been drawn to the extraordinary while seeking evidence of life’s miracles and magic. Always a sensitive, I can not recall a time in my life when I have not “picked” up feelings and had premonitions. Even as a preteen I was grabbing every book I could find about ESP and Intuition and working to develop my psychic abilities. Being a sensitive meant that I was often affected by this hectic and over stimulating modern world. So not only was I led to pursue skills to help others, I have also been committed to finding the keys for my own well being and recovery.

I acquired my first Tarot deck in 1981. From the moment I picked my first cards I was fascinated and compelled by the information I was able to garner peering at those images and corresponding patterns each spread created. I started reading tarot cards professionally while I was in art school at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Then in 1986 I earned a B. F. A. in visual art from the Boston Museum School and Tufts University. I quickly discovered after I graduated that it was easier to pursue a career as a psychic than as a still fresh out of college and wet behind the ears: professional artist.

Though at first my ability to “predict the future” was the primary motivation for doing readings, it did not take long for me to become more curious about what causes us to make the choices we make and why we so often fall back into less than optimal behaviors even though we sincerely want to change. So instead of telling people, “You’re going to meet a tall dark cesspool and fall in.” I started to focus on the question: “What keeps us attracted to tall dark cesspools and why do we keep falling in?” As I started to examine these questions with my clients, it became apparent that merely understanding why we engaged in certain behaviors was simply not enough. We also needed to find tools and strategies for healing our issues, a means to integrate wisdom and anchor the transformations we worked for.

jenheadshotAdditionally As I deepened my skills as a reader and healer, I began teaching Tarot and Intuitive Development to others. Through my experience facilitating others in deepening their intuitive abilities, I realized even more clearly that honing psychic skills had more do with learning how to distinguish our own thoughts and feelings from those that we had taken on from others, than about learning how to be a more open channel since most of us were already receiving information constantly.

To this day, I remain of the opinion that to be a truly effective intuitive, one must have the ability to recognize what is our own stuff and what is not. Therefore in addition to sharing tools like EFT with my clients, I also use them for myself to clear and resolve the memories and challenges which inevitably come up for all of us human beings. Simultaneously I have discovered that diet, environmental factors, avoidance of exposure to excess toxins and chemicals, self care, attitude, prayer, affirmation, meditation, love and support all contribute to my effectiveness as a clear channel and modern medicine lady. I believe it is my sacred responsibility to be as physically, emotionally and spiritually clear, healthy and self aware as I can possibly be to honor the trust and willingness my clients give me when they choose to work with me.

In addition to my academic degrees I have trained extensively as a healer and practitioner of positive magic & metaphysics:

  • In 1989 I began the massive project of creating a living Tarot deck. Nearly nine years later, with a hiatus for graduate school where I received my Master of  Arts in Psychology and Religion from Andover Newton Theological School, my deck the Healing Tarot was complete and published on Halloween in 1997.
  • I was trained as a Reiki Master by Senior Reiki Master/Teacher: Jessica Miller through the Center for Reiki Training.
  • I am certified as a Transformational breath facilitator through the Transformational Breath Foundation.
  • I am a graduate of Rev Sylvia Brallier’s School for Body Centered Spiritual Healing which provided an extensive training in energy healing for a whole year during 13 weekends falling  closest to each full moon while I was simultaneously pursuing my degree in mind/body healing and pastoral care in seminary.
  • I attended the week long intensive FES Professional Course so I might incorporate the use of Flower Essences to support the transformational process.
  • To learn to do Soul Retrievals and other shamanic healing techniques  I completed the Spirit Passage’s 2 year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program with teachers Evelyn C. Rysdyk & C. Allie Knowlton, MSW in 2011.
  • Then after experiencing amazing results using EFT for myself I trained and became an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner through AAMET with Master Teacher Ingrid Dinter. I am currently in the process of completing my Advanced Practitioner Certification.

Upon graduation from Seminary in 1997 I started pursuing Medicine Tattooing as my primary vehicle for healing work while simultaneously incorporating intuitive guidance/psychic reading, Reiki, shamanic techniques, EFT and other forms of spiritual and energetic healing into this practice. This has been my full-time work since 1999. I have put all of my heart, mind, body and soul into perfecting this craft and helping Sanctuary Tattoo: the studio I co-created to grow and thrive.

Some people have mused at my progression from art school, to psychic healer, to seminarian at the oldest Protestant Seminary in the country, to medicine tattooer to Modern Medicine Lady. It may seem unusual, but the whole process has always made sense to me. These experiences gave me not only technical abilities as an artist, but also a sensitivity to people and the skills to facilitate the transformational opportunities that often happen in the process of tattooing. Spending the last 19 years holding the space for each person’s process and coaching them through real pain has given me a unique capacity to support my clients to move beyond their fear and discomfort with grace and relative ease. I am profoundly grateful for the many remarkable and life-changing moments I share with my dear clients. And I shall be forever thankful that the 16 years I devoted exclusively to this creative and magical focus instilled in me a deep knowledge of how to serve ever more effectively as a healer, a mentor and a teacher. Now as the intensity of our planet increases I feel called to serve beyond the walls of our brick and mortar studio and the limitation of individual 1:1 work exclusively. I know what it took for me to reach the place of ease and calmness I achieved but sadly I have also witnessed the extreme price of being a highly sensitive empathic woman who has not learned to harness these abilities. Too much is at stake today. As empathic women we are capable of either amplifying the pain and fear we absorb from the world around us, or serving as beacons for calmness, love and healing. As a result I have created a step by step program The Empathic Woman System which is designed to transform psychic static to inner knowing and healing. Go here to inquire about scheduling your complimentary Empath Evaluation to learn more.